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when will my hbcu be available?

There are two options request your HBCU be added to the waiting list. Or simply click the custom quilt option on our home page for us to start working on your quilt. The price includes design, production, shipping and delivery.

when will i get my quilt if i order today?

All quilts are made to order. We have two shipping options standard which is free and express which is $10. Both options have 24 hour to send your order to production. Once in production it can take from 5-7 business days depending on volume.  They are shipping within 3-5 days for express and within 10-15 days for standard. Also please take into consideration worldwide shipping delays that can add delays.

can i wash  my quilt?

Yes, on the delicate cycle.

Why have prices increased?

Due to COVID related shipping delays and a worldwide increase on products and goods.

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